How to remove facial hair

How to remove facial hair

Due to hormonal changes, hair comes on your face and you are looking for how to remove facial hair permanently in easy steps. Facial hair annoying you very much and feel you awkward when going to a public place.

But how to remove facial hair at home is very easy which you can do at your comfortable time.

Enhance the beauty of your face by reading below on how to remove hair naturally & how to remove facial hair permanently from Ayurveda without having any side effects.

How to remove facial hair permanently Ayurveda

Unwanted hair issues face by many women and it is seen that it mostly happens at a young age woman. Removal of facial hair permanently through Ayurveda is the best option on how to remove facial hair naturally.

How to remove facial hair

Ayurveda remedy on facial hair :

Tips 1:Turmeric, Indica & Neem

  • Take 1 spoon of turmeric, some leaves of Indica & neem.
  • Grind the leaves & mix with turmeric to make a paste.
  • Apply on unwanted hair in the night and leave overnight the pack.
  • Next morning clean with water.
  • You can try thrice in a week for the best result.

Tips 2:Turmeric and Papaya

How to remove facial hair
  • Take raw papaya & peel off & grind.
  • Take a pinch of turmeric powder & make a paste with raw papaya.
  • Apply the paste to your facial hair.
  • Leave for 15 minutes.
  • Clean with cool water.
  • You can use this method twice a week.

Tips 3 : Turmeric & Milk

  • You can take raw milk in a bowl & add turmeric powder.
  • Apply on your facial hair. Let it dry.
  • Clean with cool water.

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How to remove facial hair at home

Enhance the grace of your face by removing the facial hair at home and looking beautiful. As the home is the best place where you can do the work in the comfort of your time.

  1. Shaving :
How to remove facial hair

Through the shaving process, you can remove your facial hair in the easiest way & quick way.

Whenever you are in hurry, you can try this option, you can buy disposable shaver & electric shaver according to your need.

Shaver has a blade that can lift & cuts the hair from your face.

You can also use a shaver to remove different parts of your body hair like legs, underarm, hands, bikini area, and upper lip.


An inexpensive method of removing facial hair, in this process tweezers pluck or pull the hair from the roots.

Whenever you are using the tweezer, first clean your face & tight the area through your hand & pluck the hair.


It can be better from shaving & tweezing as it removes multiple hairs at one time. And hair becomes soft when hair comes again.

Take the epilator at a 90-degree angle & skin-tight, move the epilator in the direction in which you want to remove the hair.

4.Home waxing:

How to remove facial hair

Waxing is another option to remove facial hair, you can buy the wax strip or take melted wax according to your preferences.

Both are good. You can try the patch of wax first then proceed.

5.Laser hair removal :

Laser or pulsating beam removes the hair for a longer time or more than 6 months which you don’t get from the other method.

If you get redness then use an ice cube on your face.


Buy the hair removal cream and remove the facial hair easily. Different brands of hair removal creams are available in the market. Read out the instruction carefully & apply.

7.Threading: Use the thread to remove unwanted hair from your face.

Originally published at on March 09, 2021.



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